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Hyper Card 使用說明下載 (中文)
Hyper Card 使用說明下載 (
如何使用本公司多號卡在 Hyper Card
SIM Magic 編輯程式說明 (
SIM Magic 備份程式說明 (English)
SIM Magic V4.3 程式升級

How does SIM Master Work?

SIM Master is simple to use. You need to remove the SIM card from your mobile phone, and then place it into a SIM card reader, which you will attach to the PC. The information on the SIM card can then be managed through the PC.


What should I receive in my SIM Master ?

SIM Card Reader with Cable
CD ROM contain programs and Midi songs


SIM Master displays some strange characters when I read my SIM card. What does this mean?

Nokia phones add a character to mark "groups" - this is probably what you are seeing. If this is the case, do not delete this character so when you write back to your phone you will still have groups.


Is SIM Master compatible with my mobile phone?

SIM Master is compatible with ANY GSM/digital mobile phone, which contain a SIM card in the world. It cannot work with the phone, which doesn’t contain a SIM card (like the CDMA and TDMA operated phones as well as Japan's cellular-type systems including PHS.)


Does SIM Master run on any computer?

SIM Master works with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP and Windows NT operating systems which are running on a 486PC or higher compatible computer. The PC must have a serial port.


If I loose or upgrade my mobile, do I have to enter in all contacts again?

No. You can save as many phonebooks as you need on PC. Therefore, if you damage or upgrade a mobile phone they simply plug their new SIM card into the card reader, then open the phonebook file and saved into the new SIM. It all takes a couple of seconds compared with the hours wasted keying numbers in on the clumsy mobile phone keypad.


Will I damage my SIM card by removing it from my phone?

No. SIM cards are very sturdy, just like any other smartcard (e.g. phonecard, university photocopy card, e-purse etc). They are all very durable in the way they are designed to cope with the wear and tear of being pulled in and out of wallets, pockets, machines etc. A SIM card is designed and built exactly the same as any other smartcard and is therefore very durable.


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